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I am an emerging woodcut printmaker in Seattle, WA. I make reduction style relief woodcut prints that are typically of limited edition, nature inspired, and include multiple color layers.

The process of creating my work involves visualizing the desired final product in reverse, since the image carved into the wood block will be printed in reverse on the paper. Working from lightest to darkest colors, each layer of ink is lightly printed to the paper before returning to the blocks to carve away more of the image in preparation for the next ink layer. Through this gradual reduction carving process, what is carved away can never be regained. This requires great care when carving, yet the outcome is a rewarding limited edition print.

In addition to making my prints, I recently completed my PhD studying the fluid dynamics of renewable energy systems at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Civil Engineering and now work in marine renewable energy at the University of Washington. The balance between my detail-oriented engineering mind and my creative artistic mind mesh very well when applied to creating my woodcut prints.


Printing in my old home studio. Unfortunately for my move to the Pacific Northwest, I had to part with this wonderful old press. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future I’ll come across a new one!  Until then, I’ll hand print using a baren to transfer the ink to paper.

2016-02-28 17.35.24

My fiance and I with our puppy 🙂

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